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About the Comic Strip

Located in the quiet town Landings, Nevada, at the eastern end of a 50-mile bullet train that comes from Las Vegas, resides a red brick building where a most unique coffee shop was opened. It is called "BakaBreakers" and combines anime and card games with your coffee, and is the home of what could be the most caffinated drink on the planet: An Expresso drink laced with the orange flavored Mountain Dew Livewire soft drink!

The owner of the store, resident of the apartment above, and inventor of the 'Livewire Latte' is a late 20-something Adam Packbell, a well known adventuer and man around Sin City. Why Adam is doing what he's doing over at Landings is something he's keeping close to the vest, but it appears that he's wanting a more quiet life for himself than what he's used to having.

Fat Phracking Chance.

First off he has to contend with a girl from Tokyo, Nitsan Mutami, who came to America thanks to Adam's globetrotting father and was dropped on his doorstep with an MBA and a desire to have a new life in the states. If bridging the culture gap--as well as her broken English--wasn't enough problems, there's the eccentric ways of the small town, from City Hall to the many other companies located there--including the company responsible for Adam's long time friend and other partner Tara Kit, and if that wasn't enough here comes a global chain who wants to muscle into Adam's world.

Oh....did I tell him about the regulars? You'd think that moving away from Vegas would take him away from wierdness.

BakaBreakers: Livewire Latte is my first project in 2004, and has started in the first of the new year. Normally it is updated 2-3 times a week not barring any external incidents--like the redesign of FoxFire Studios of Saint Louis, and is drawn by hand with assistance from various graphic programs. It is also his first strip posted on the Keepspace network, a popular service for web cartoonists to show their skills. Or lack thereof. It's too soon to tell where this strip falls into, but I do hope that you enjoy the ride.

--Daveykins FoxFire
artist of Livewire Latte

The Story by Far

  1. Still Mostly Harmless--Mounatin Dew Livewire™, the best tasting hyper-caffinated drink ever made. Think of sparked-up Tang. Take this drink and use it to flavor coffee. Especially espresso. Such is the origin of the Livewire Latte, an orange-tinted expresso drink with the combined caffine content of Mountain Dew and Java: 42% of entire content of drink is caffinated liquid! So powerfull is this drink that the discovery of this drink by extraterrestrials that it has granted Earth/Terra environemtal protected status and saved it from being destroyed. Or so it says in the current version Douglas Adams' famous Hitchhickers Guide.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't give Earth/Terra any more respect. Look up 'Earth' in the Guide, and you find out that it's description has only increased by one word: Still Mostly Harmless. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is not the most successfull book on Earth/Terra, nor does it hold any remarkability at all.

    As for the creator of said drink, one Adam Packbell of Landings, Nevada, life goes on the best he can, running a humble coffee shop in town--BakaBreakers by name--with his friends, human, robots, and other--like the giant rodent Johnny Briz, and enjoying the life he has.
  2. Late Delivery...chu...--A day at BakaBreakers usually begins with a delivery of drinks and foodstuffs to be sold throughout the day. The delivery comes from the regular route of Motorhead, a local hacker who uses this route to fund his projects.

    As Adam and company takes his delivery for the say--made somewhat tardy thanks to the traffic caused by Landings becomming a way-city to Las Vegas thanks to a high-speed light rail route across the street from BakaBreakers--Motorhead asked Adam something some people wonder about him as of late. Adam's well known in Vegas, and is very famous. He's a professional card game player, his father was a Magician/Hypnotist by day-Detective by night who recently got out of hiding thanks to facial scars that requires a mask, and got his fame thanks to Johnny's--and the mouse's mate Susan's--anctics. Why would Adam Packbell toss all that aside and start a coffee shop in a quiet town?

    The answer is very close to Adam's vest, and nobody would blame him if he'd told them, something he would never do: He saw an alternate reality in one recent adventure, an adventure where he saw someone who looked like him, [i]and the web page Adam himself was on--[b]this very web site!![/b][/i]. Adam knew about Author Avatars and Self-Insertions, including the vilified 'Mary Sue' movement, and the realization that he was one himself proved shocking to the young man's very core, and it's something he finds painfull to relate to anyone other than Tara, and the possibility of the mice.
  3. Adam's girl from Kyoto--CURRENTLY CLASSIFIED AS SPOILER